It’s hard for the press to pick which outrageous Donald Trump statement to prioritize, when he erupts so regularly. Still, the transcript of Tuesday’s exceptional Washington Post interview with him had a humdinger that the media (including the Post’s own article summarizing the interview) has overlooked.

Here’s that humdinger: Toward the end of the talk, and out of the blue, Trump matter-of-factly states that at some point after this year’s election “I’m gonna do two or three $10 million PACs at the right time” to selectively go after both Republican (!!!) and Democratic candidates. He specifically mentions Ohio Governor John Kasich as a potential target.

Yep, a presidential candidate just said he’ll work against the election of leading members of his own party down the line. File this under, “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up.”


There are yet more odd, overlooked aspects of the conversation, as reflected in the annotated version posted by the Post’s Chris Cillizza. For instance, Trump repeatedly interrupts the interview in order to comment on the Fox News broadcast playing during their talk. (“Do you believe that Debbie Schultz, Wasserman Schultz, there she is. She’s very happy — look how happy she looks. She looks very happy.”) This is consistent with the warning by his autobiography’s ghostwriter that (in addition to being a sociopath who could bring about the “end of civilization”) the candidate “has no attention span.”


In any event, here’s the complete passage from the interview:

TRUMP: And I am gonna do a couple PACs, at the right time.

[Post reporter Philip] RUCKER: What do you mean?

TRUMP: I’m gonna do two or three $10 million PACs at the right time.

RUCKER: What does that mean, though, a PAC?

TRUMP: Anti-certain candidate PACs.

RUCKER: You mean Clinton, or elsewhere?

TRUMP: I’m not saying against her, but I’m gonna do anti-, I’ll be active in politics through PACs at a later date.

RUCKER: Like during this election year, or?


RUCKER: Or in the future?

TRUMP: For future elections.

RUCKER: Oh. So if there’s a candidate you don’t like who’s running, you would fund a PAC to hurt them?

TRUMP: Republican or Democrat.

RUCKER: Really?

TRUMP: Yeah. That I’ll do.

RUCKER: Would you do that against Cruz, if he runs again?

TRUMP: Maybe.

RUCKER: He seems to want to run again.

TRUMP: Maybe against Kasich.

Based in Oakland, California, Stephen Golub writes, consults and teaches about international development, with a particular focus on justice, democracy, human rights and governance issues. Currently teaching part-time at Central European University in Budapest and previously at the University of California at Berkeley, he has worked in over 40 countries and with such organizations as Amnesty International, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the Ford and Open Society Foundations, the U.K. Department for International Development, the U.N. Development Program and the World Bank

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