Hillary Clinton will never be a great orator. But she still gave a great, important speech last night. Its main theme: She blasted Donald Trump for the racism he promotes and the racists he embraces.

Here’s a video of the speech.

And you can find transcript here.

Some of what she said may not be new to you. But the speech is still notable for several reasons:

First, she provided as good a summary as I’ve seen of the reasons Trump is so dangerous.

In addition, she said so much about Trump and so little about herself. The speech could have been delivered by any number of Clinton allies. But it was still savvy for her to do so, because the indictment of him gets the most attention by virtue of Hillary delivering it.

Third, she took the fight to her opponent in a way we haven’t seen a Democratic presidential candidate do since…I don’t know when…maybe Harry “Give ‘em Hell” Truman?

Finally, even as she ripped into Trump, the subtexts of the speech were about Hillary herself. She told Trump that she’ll hit him as hard as he hits her, albeit not as crudely. She told wavering Republicans to climb aboard her bandwagon. And she told all of us that, even if she’s not lovable or trustworthy, she’s got the attribute many might most value in a president: she’s tough.

Give ‘em Hell, Hillary.

Based in Oakland, California, Stephen Golub writes, consults and teaches about international development, with a particular focus on justice, democracy, human rights and governance issues. Currently teaching part-time at Central European University in Budapest and previously at the University of California at Berkeley, he has worked in over 40 countries and with such organizations as Amnesty International, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the Ford and Open Society Foundations, the U.K. Department for International Development, the U.N. Development Program and the World Bank

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